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(#6 5983) Overview of the 7 Days of Creation


Shalom Aleichem and welcome to my Shabbat blog!

As we conclude our opening session on understanding the times and before moving on to consider each Day of Creation in detail, let us first have an overview or snapshot of how each of the 7 Days of Creation foreshadowed each of the 7 millennia of world history from Creation until now as God unfolds His eternal will both in the world and in His Word.

DAY 1 on the separation of light and darkness foreshadowed the Fall, resulting in the separation of God (who is synonymous with Light) and Man (who was now plunged into Sin and Darkness). This is covered in the Bible in Genesis chapters 3-4 and is the key event that characterises the First Millennium of world history.

DAY 2 on what the Bible described as a vault or space separating water from water foreshadowed the Flood - the first worldwide judgment - and Noah’s Ark that became that vault separating the rain from the floodwaters. This is covered in Genesis chapters 5-9 and characterises the Second Millennium of world history.

DAY 3 on the gathering of waters and appearing of dry ground foreshadowed the emerging of the dry ground of salvation out of the sea of sin and judgment with the call of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and the Exodus of the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt - literally through dry ground as they crossed the Red Sea. This is covered from Genesis chapter 10 - Exodus chapter 15 and characterises the Third Millennium of world history.

DAY 4 on the greater and lesser lights foreshadowed how God appointed Israel - through its Law, Tabernacle, Priesthood, Sacrifices, Sacred Times or Festivals, history and the message of its Prophets - to act as His lesser light directing mankind to Jesus Christ, the Greater/True Light of salvation. This brings us all the way from Exodus chapter 16 to the end of the Gospels and characterises the Fourth Millennium of world history.

DAY 5 on the water and air teeming with life foreshadowed the new life available to all mankind through the giving of the Holy Spirit - the living waters and very breath of God that gave birth to the Church, the Body of Christ. This is covered in the book of Acts and throughout the New Testament Letters and characterises the Fifth Millennium of world history.

DAY 6 on the creation of Adam and the subsequent rule of Man foreshadows the coming rule of the Antichrist, the counterfeit “Son of Man.” This is covered primarily in Revelations chapters 1-18, but is also spoken of in many other parts of the Bible (especially in the prophetic book of Daniel). The rule of the Antichrist is characteristic of the Sixth Millennium that we are currently living in and defines the spirit of our age.

Finally, as we had learnt earlier, DAY 7 on the Sabbath Rest foreshadows the second coming of Christ (also known as the Day of the Lord) and the establishment of His Millennial Kingdom and rule on earth. This is covered in Revelations chapters 19-20 and is also spoken of in many other parts of the Bible. Christ’s coming will mark the start of the Seventh (and last) Millennium of world history as we know it.

Now, there is an “Eighth Day” Sabbath that Jews celebrate after the end of the 7-day Feast of Tabernacles prophetic of Christ’s Millennial Rule. It foreshadows the final and eternal Sabbath rest as the heavens, earth and time itself give way to the New Heaven, Earth and Jerusalem in eternity. This is covered in the concluding chapters of Revelations 21-22.

May God grant us wisdom and open our eyes to see and understand each day that has passed and especially the day that we are currently living in.

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