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B7D - How This Came About

Shalom Aleichem and welcome to the Issachar B7D Fellowship!

Some of you may have wondered how this (B7D) came about. Although I have already penned this down in my website, I thought it may nonetheless be useful to speak briefly about it here.

I am a lay believer with my fair share of ups and downs, victories and defeats, in my past 38 years of walking with the Lord since accepting Jesus at the age of 13. Although I have been engaging in some form of personal Bible study or devotion for many years, it was only in 2001 that I started to study the Bible intentionally and systematically. However, I gave up after 7 years and threw away all my writings and materials. I felt empty and exhausted because I had tried to understand God’s Word by my own human effort but was going nowhere.

After a long time, God slowly restored me from the ground up. This started with my first fast when He taught me to pray in the Spirit, and then the gift of worship when my playing of the guitar improved tremendously. Then on 6 May 2016, while at a Friday fellowship meeting, an anointed pastor who spoke that evening released a prophetic word to Wei Ling and me. He saw a big clock and all he could think of were the words, “the time has come.” The time has come for us to move forward out of the wilderness into His plans and purposes for us. Turning to me, he said he saw a scroll and a quill, which meant revelation - that God wanted to speak to me, to tell me things - and that I needed to write them down. I restarted my Bible study and through it, God opened my ears to what He wanted to say to His people through His Word as recorded here and on YouTube and published as a book. ​

Although I didn't know then when or where this journey would end, God knew and in His Kairos exactly two years later (May 2018) I finished putting down what was needed to be said. It was only a year later that I realized how prophetic God's timing was. God ensured that I finished putting down His word for His people in the year that Israel celebrated 70 years of nationhood since its rebirth in May 1948. It is my personal belief and deep conviction that God's final countdown started from that Kairos moment - meaning that some of us will live to witness Christ's return.

May our Lord find us ready when He returns. ​

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