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We are (truly) Online!

We are currently in the season of Hanukkah (12-20 Dec), where Jews would celebrate the eight-day Festival of Lights through a nightly lighting of the menorah.

We are also into the advent season of Christmas (3-24 Dec), where some Christians would traditionally celebrate the coming birth of Jesus Christ our Greater Light through the lighting of the advent candles.

We are therefore especially overjoyed and humbled at this Kairos moment to be able to announce the "going live" of the Issachar B7D Fellowship website with its new dedicated domain name (, which should allow for easier search online by those whom the Lord calls. May the Lord use this little flame to set His people on fire for Him!

Wishing everyone a blessed Hanukkah and Christmas grounded in the liberating truth of His Holy Word and His Word made flesh - our Messiah, Lord and King Jesus Christ.

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