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Thus saith the Lord!

The Prophets bring us to the end of the Old Testament.

Jesus frequently referred to the Scriptures of His day (i.e., the Old Testament) as the "Law and the Prophets". While the Law was received by Moses directly from God, the prophets were mere men who were divinely inspired to proclaim God's Rhema word in His Kairos time, often to a rebellious nation and people, as they proclaimed the coming Messiah.

Ever since the birth of the Church, those who accept Jesus Christ by faith receive the Law in their hearts directly from God through the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Although we remain mere men while still here on earth, we are nonetheless called to "eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy" (1 Cor 14:1) - i.e. to receive the divine gift of proclaiming God's Rhema word in His Kairos time. May we rise up and step out in faith and boldness to do His will, knowing that - like the prophets of the past - we will also face rebellious nations and peoples as we proclaim the soon return of our Messiah ... for "thus saith the Lord!"

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